Welcome to Gowri Kirubanandan's page. She is a writer/translator who writes extensively in both Tamil and Telugu. This site is dedicated to her literary works. She has translated over 60 books by popular Telugu authors such as Yaddanapudi Sulochana Rani (యద్దనపూడి సులోచనారాణి), Yandamuri Veerendranath (యండమూరి వీరేంద్రనాథ్), D. Kameswari and Volga into Tamil. She has also translated many short stories by various Telugu authors into Tamil, and has translated short stories by Tamil writers as such as Ashoka Mitran, Jayakanthan, Sharaj, and Sivasankari into Telugu. She has also written short stories of her own in both Tamil and Telugu.

On this site, you will find brief synopses of her Tamil books, and full text of her selected short stories. To view this site as it was meant to be viewed, a recent version of your favorite browser, capable of rendering "Indic" text is required. See the FAQ page for help with font and browser problems.

Comments, Suggestions? Write to us at gowri at kirubanandan.com

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